50 Cent has been doing a press tour, and has already hit most of the major Hip Hop radio stations- with the latest stop on Big Boy's the Neighborhood, they spent some solid time going through 50's history. 

Thinking back on the good times, 50 revealed that once upon a time there was going to be a joint tour that would have included 50, Eminem and Snoop Dogg. But what ever happened? 

When it was proposed, Eminem had reservations about it and eventually had to put the "no-go" on a tour that would have made everyone involved a tremendous amount of money. But looking at the tour dates and how spread out they'd be, Em realized that by the time he got back Hailie could be grown. 

It's hard to fault Eminem, especially for being a responsible parent. But 50 might have been a bit salty about the loss of revenue. With each respective artist at the height of their career, 50 speculated that the tour could have grossed collectively over $100 Million. 

It's an interesting history take, to look at what could have been- for now we'll have to do with 50 Cent's POWER empire, which more than suffices. 

September 17, 2019 — Admin Account

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