Beyonce and JAY-Z were spotted at the recent Brooklyn Nets game this weekend, and yet again, the world and fans were blessed with another courtside photo of the couple enjoying their time together at the event. Captured in some of the new photos of the power couple, was another shot of JAY-Z touching Beyonce's leg, which drummed up some chatter on the web. 

According to fans of the couple, there exist dozens of photos where JAY-Z is touching Beyoncé on her legs. While some have claimed this is because of Beyonce's alleged anxiety when in public, her mother, Tina Knowles, says this is not true. Tina took to Instagram to share why they are always touching - because they are in love.

"When you love someone and like them you just want to touch them," wrote Tina Knowles on Instagram, sharing a bunch of photos where the couple are doing their now-infamous leg rub. "Me and Richard are always touching even if it's just our feet! Yeah!! That's what you do! So comical people saying she has anxiety in public and that's why he touches her! Lord people !!!! Yal can turn something good and healthy into something That it's not !!! Stop that!!!!!"

Tina went on to say that, while it's helpful for someone to keep a physical connection with their partner if they have anxiety, that simply isn't the case with her daughter.

June 09, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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