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This section contains some of the most high quality hand made chains ever introduced by hip hop bling. These chains are produced in a factory that specializes in genuine fine jewelry. Produced in very limited numbers, these chains are very rare and give you a very unique look. Over 8 hours of labor is poured into the production of these chains, which contain approx 750 Czech quality crystals hand installed on them. These stones are not the average plastic stones you see on most fake jewelry. These stones are rare and expensive because they produce an immaculate shine, very similar to that of real diamonds. Hip hop bling has a variety of styles for these iced out chains, and different exotic colored stone combinations that were once only available to those fortunate enough to have these chains custom made. Now you can get the look of a fully custom iced out chain, with FOUR rows of solid ice for a fraction of the cost. Place your order today. These chains are shipped on a first come first serve basis. Check out our large selection of iced out chains below.