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Our hip hop bracelets collection features amazing quality complex and unique linked bracelets. These are the latest, newest 2009 collection bracelets and the designs and quality have improved greatly. These are great bracelets for the money. You get the same look as something that cost thousands at a price so affordable you can buy a few of them and switch up you looks. These bracelets are made with a hard alloy metal core. The material is stronger than our older bracelets and they are made well. The metal is then plated with a very thick coat of rhodium. This rhodium finish is similar to what you see on real white gold and platinum bracelets. It’s a deep dark shine that looks very high end. The hip hop bracelets here are studded with large amounts of crisp, clean diamond simulant stones. They aren’t cloudy and dull like what you’ll find on cheaper quality jewelry. These have that multi-color, bright shine that you’ll expect from real diamonds. You definitely get a lot of bling for your buck with one of these unique bracelets. Choose from our selection of iced out hip hop bracelets below. They are all approximately 8.5 inches in length. Order your bling bling jewelry now.