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    CZ Micro Pave Pendants *BIG SALE*

    Micro pave iced out pendants are the highest quality bling pendants currently on the market. In our 10+ years in the hip hop jewelry business, finally we see a true alternative to genuine diamond pendants. These pendants are unlike any of the other fashion jewelry items we sell. They are made in real jewelry factories, with real jewelry molds by skilled craftsmen. What you see and touch is exactly the same as real diamond bling that all the rappers wear. It’s affordable because the material is brass instead of white gold. Like real white gold pendants, the top is a rhodium finish, which shines like platinum. Not even jewelers can tell if the pendants are white gold or brass when they see them. The stones are top grade cubic zirconia diamonds. They look and shine so real that even jewelers can’t tell just by looking at it. The micropave setting, which is usually only used in real diamond pendants, means that the stones are each hand set closely together. The large amounts of small stones that are set so closely creates a breath-taking look that’ll blow you away. The pendant simply looks flooded with glistening ice throughout. If you wanted something that you can truly pass off as real, these are it. You save a ton of money because if these same micro pave cz pendants were made in our factory with gold and diamonds, it would cost thousands. Even the sterling silver versions cost over $200 and these are the exact same as those but with brass instead. Here you get the exact same look and feel as real bling for well under $100.