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    Gold Hip Hop Earrings

    These gold hip hop earrings will keep you looking good without wiping out your bank account. These types of earrings would cost you hundreds per pair if you were to get them in solid gold. Why spend that kind of cash on 1 pair when you can get a few pairs for your collection at much less. These earrings have all the same look as high end earrings that cost way more. These earrings will have you turning heads all day long. Some styles are large and attention grabbing while others are smaller and low key. We have something for everyone. They are made with a high quality alloy then plated with rich 24k gold to give you that amazing shine that you normally see at high end jewelry stores. The details on these tiny earrings are amazing. They are as detailed and nice as large sized pendants. They are all finished by hand and all the stones are studded by hand too. Speaking of the stones. They glisten and shine nicely like real diamonds so you’ll look like a celebrity stocking a pair of these. The surgical steel posts will stay strong and dependable. Check out the full selection below and see what you can add to your earring collection. With each pair of earrings you get a free acrylic storage case too. You get all that at these amazing prices!