Jesus pieces have been the most popular pendants in hip hop ever since hip hop was created. Back in the day, Notorious BIG rocked his gold Jesus piece with Cuban chain and even rapped about it in his rhymes. Now rappers are rocking platinum iced out Jesus pieces and some still prefer the beauty and classic look of yellow gold. Here in this section we got you covered with some of the hottest looking rhodium and gold plated Jesus pieces that are affordable and will keep you looking fly. Recently, the Jesus piece craze has been taken up another notch. Kanye West shocked the world when he started wearing his black Jesus piece with black diamonds. It was the first black on black look for this pendant in the mainstream. Jay Z has one as well. Kanye then started rocking a Cartoon Jesus piece, a lemonade canary on gold Jesus piece and even an all red Jesus piece. Custom-made Jesus pieces are expensive. These rappers are paying tens of thousands of dollars to create these one of a kind, crazy styles like Kanye’s. But you don’t have to spend a fortune and find a jeweler to do the work. We got you covered! Hip Hop Bling is the only place where you can find custom made Jesus pendants like the black Jesus, lemonade blond Jesus and Cartoon Jesus just like Yeezy’s. Not only that but we just released a line of crazy color Jesus pieces as well. We got every color of the rainbow with matching color stones. At hip hop bling we have every iced out Jesus piece design imaginable and some never before seen ones. They all look like a million bucks but all are affordable. Get that one of a kind, custom made look with one of our pendants. Most come with chains too so you can rock it once you get it in the mail. Order one of these designs today.