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    Ladies Bling

    Hip hop bling has just released a line of ladies bling consisting of cz tennis bracelets, cz pendants, necklaces and eventually cubic zirconia earrings and cz rings as well. Ladies, this is the perfect way to get that red carpet looking bling without spending your whole paycheck. These designs are very popular and worn by all the Hollywood A-listers so imagine yourself rocking that bling just like the guys. And guys if you’re looking for something for your lady you’ve come to the right place. Our ladies jewelry have so much bling and shine they’d think you paid hundreds, maybe even thousands for so much bling. All the jewelry in this section is made with quality diamond simulant stones that glisten nicely. The jewelry here is plated with rhodium on white, platinum-look versions and 24k gold plated on yellow gold versions. They are all made like genuine jewelry too so it looks and feels real. The only difference is plating instead of solid metal and cz stones instead of diamonds. Check back in this section to see other jewelry and accessories for women!
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