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      PLEASE CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATES WE STOPPED POSTING NEWS HERE YEARS AGO 2012 Thousands of new items coming. Please check our homepage specials and sign up for our mailing list for new products and savings. For the latest information on the newest styles of hiphop jewelry be sure to read the Hip Hop Jewelry News
    • 4-27-2008 - New collection of hip hop belt buckles added. These belt buckles are fresh for the spring of 2008
    • 4-26-2008 - Micro Pave replica hip hop bracelet collection added
    • 3-1-2008 - New hip hop jewelry including 14k gold CZ earrings, premium iced out pendants, and iced out watches.
    • 12-23-2007 - Exclusive Baguette Iced Out Orbit Bling Master Watches added
    • 12-7-2007 - Iced out belt buckles Winter 2007/2008 Collection added. Get the hottest new belt buckles including New Orleans, cash in hand, money bag, Lone star, poker cards and more iced out belt buckles.
    • 12-3-2007 - Iced Out Jewelry Combos added. Now you can save big money this holiday season on the hottest selling hip hop jewelry!
    • 11-27-2007 - The Winter 2007/2008 Hip Hop Watches Collection has been released. Find the hottest new styles and trends including the 600 stone color skull iced out watch which looks identical to the real $250,000 version, also NEW Bling Master hip hop watches with luxurious leather bands with stainless steel deployment buckles. Many new classic iced out pendants added as well
    • 11-6-2007 - Exclusive Diamond Cut Grillz added.
    • 10-22-2007 - New Classic Hip Hop Pendants, iced out watches, and New Jean Chains
    • 10-16-2007 - New Camo 5 Timezone Watches and other iced out watches with hundreds of stones!
    • 10-10-2007 - Many new iced out jewelry products added including Skull Belt Buckles + Cross buckles, Dookie Rope Medallions, and Premium iced Out Pendants small and jumbo size
    • 9-29-2007 - New hip hop jewelry added including a brand new line of iced out chains and new silicone band watches.
    • 9-25-2007 - New premium iced out pendants,including iced out crosses, traffic light, iced out $100 bill, iced out pimp cup pendants & more. New Texas State & skull dangling dogtags
    • 9-17-2007 - Over 50 New hip hop watches added! These are the hottest bling bling watch styles for the fall season.
    • 9-03-2007 - Premium Grillz collection added. Each premium grill comes with a mold and a luxury genuine wood box.
    • 8-25-2007 - New Skull with Grillz Pendants & Chains available in many colors. New Lion Head 300+ stone belt buckles in several color ice combinations and gold and silver tone. New Premium Hip Hop Cross chains bling bling.
    • 8-20-2007 - Hot new collection of Grillz Skull Belt Buckles and Skull Top Hat Belt Buckles added. No one has these yet. Be the first to have it, only at
    • 7-22-2007 - New Sterling Silver CZ earrings. New hip hop watches & pictures.
    • 6-26-2007 - New Texas LoneStar Belt Buckle Collection, iced out in many different colors of ice plus round and baguette shaped bling stones.
    • 5-27-2007 - Shoe grillz now in stock. 13 styles of shoe grillz to choose from!
    • 5-12-2007 - New Skull Belt Buckles in several new colors and new skull jeans chains in several colors.
    • 4-18-2007 - More New styles of hip hop dangling dog tags & New 2007 Bling Bling Watches
    • 4-8-2007 - New Premium Hip Hop Pendants! We now offer over 60 premium pendants all New for 2007 and super iced out in the highest quality Czech Crystals
    • 3-30-2007 - Premium Hip Hop Chains collection added. All premium chains contain the highest quality Russian Cubic Zirconia Stones for maximum bling and are Hand Set using high end jewelry methods including invisible setting, channel setting, prong setting and bezel setting. The chains are constructed of solid brass core and plated with a thick layer of platinum for a long lasting shine.
    • 3-28-2007 - New Collection of Jean Chains! 15 New Jean chain styles
    • 3-27-2007 - 8 New watches for 2007 added
    • 3-18-2007 - New 2007 Collection of Watches - 30 Hot New Styles of Watches added!
    • 3-10-2007 Full site redesign, please send us feedback on what you think Premium Bracelets Added - A full Collection of solid brass core heavy rhodium plated bracelet with hand set Russian CZ stones 2 Finger Rings Added - A Full collection of rings with top quality Princess cut crystals invisible set, 100 stones per ring! Hip Hop Rings Added - A collection of single finger mens rings available in sizes 7-12 bling bling Mens Bangles - A full collection of hip hop mens bangles More New items coming soon!
    • 2-4-2007 NEW COLLECTION of real .925 sterling silver hip hop grillz, 11 styles to choose from!
    • 10-8-2008 NEW VIP Highest quality Hiphop Grillz added in color ice, red ice, green ice, yellow ice, and blue ice bling bling Now well over 125 HipHop Grillz which makes the #1 Hip Hop Jewelry site on the net!
    • 10-3-2006 HipHop Grillz in color ice added many styles to select from in red ice, blue ice and yellow ice bling bling
    • 9-25-2006 Custom Name initial Bling Grillz added make your own hip hop grillz up to 6 letters in red ice or blue ice. NEW collection of VIP inviible princess fake bling diamonds.
    • 9-13-2006 VIP Grillz Collection just added to the site plus several other styles. New Belt buckles and watches added.
    • 9-5-2006 New shoe pendants added. is the only place to get them so order fast.
    • 8-3-2006 Added a new collection of bottom tooth grillz bling bling
    • 8-2-2006 Added 70 New Style Top Grillz in regular and Fang editions in 4 colors Platinum Tone, Gold Tone, Rainbow Chrome Tone, and Black Tone
    • 4-23-2006 New Frosted Flashing Light Belt Buckle Collection and New Cigarette / Wallet Holder Belt Buckle Collection. Full Stone face 5 timezone watch and LED Scrolling Text Bracelet added.
    • 4-16-2006 The famous $10,000 belt buckle added along with some new styles of bubble face watches and new styles to the Black Border Belt Buckles Collection
    • 4-15-2006 Added the Bracelets Platinum Collection #2 with even more styles coming soon!
    • 4-8-2006 Added a new collection of iced out belt buckles
    • 3-31-2006 Added 30 new watches and several styles of dog tag watches
    • 2-25-2006 New Belt Buckles and Iced Out Watches added
    • 11-20-2005 New Collection of Platinum Tone Bracelets added, New line of larger oval belt buckles, new special edition dogtags and New bling bling watches
    • 10-30-2005 New collection of Black Border Belt Buckles, New styles of Cigarette Lighter Belt Buckles, New Wide bubble face style watches, and new spinner watches added.
    • 10-15-2005 Added 25 New items including man new styles of dangling pendant dogtags and iced out bracelets
    • 7/23/2005 Over 40 NEW ITEMS ADDED! An Exclusive collection of colored stone dog tag chains, belt buckles, more styles of dog tags and watches.
    • 5/28/2005 NEW Hiphop Style collection of Dangling Dog Tags: Marijuana leaf, jesus face, dollar sign & more! Plus a collection of belt buckles: silver and 2 tone Wu Tang and TS.
    • 5/18/2005 EXCLUSIVE NEW Collection of Cigarette Lighter Belt buckes , bubble face, iced out grille and tic tac toe watches, spinners, and dog tags.
    • 4/23/2005 A couple new Belt Buckles including the scrolling text buckle. New dog tag and watch set.
    • 3/31/2005 Over 50 NEW ITEMS! Dog tags watches bracelets and more! Also a new collection pendants featuring more ice, platinum like plating and a free bracelet.
    • 11/28/2004 Added some new style carved dog tags and YB & FS chains.
    • 11/21/2004 More new SPINNER keychains added, rose gold tone dog tags including plain, benz star and more plus a couple of new watch & bracelets sets
    • 10/24/2004 Added a few new spinners and mini spinners
    • 10/23/2004 Added a new line of Spinner keychains in large and small size
    • 9/26/2004 Added a line of initial charm chain sets in silver look and rose gold look. More new pendants and rose gold spinners with ball bearings! & More colors of spinner watches.
    • 9/13/2004 Added a Whole new collection of spinner watches in many color leather bands and metal bands with silver and rose gold tone case, the spinner watches have ball bearings and spin for about 30 seconds. Added a few new pendants.
    • 8/28/2004 Added 2 sided Spinning Spinner watches in 7 colors and iced face 5 timezone wtches in gold tone and rose gold tone
    • 8/24/2004 Added Rose gold plated pendant chain sets
    • 8/09/2004 Added Initial Earrings, spinning dub rings, some rose gold plated chains and more new pendants
    • 8/1/2004 Added over 60 NEW STYLES of Earrings
    • 7/24/2004 Added a new line of spinning belt buckles, more geneva lupah style watches-iced face versions and different colors, more penants and misc watches.
    • 6/13/2004 Added New Spinners Rim Pendants, dog tag, earrings, pendants including Puerto Rico and Chingy and more
    • 5/27/2004 Added over 50 NEW ITEMS including a full line of JUMBO Spinners - incluidng rims and other hiphop designs. Created a new section for non rim hiphop spinners. Spinning rim belt buckles coming soon!!
    • 5/01/2004 Added New items including Sterling silver crosses and sterling silver spinners! & Flashing Light HipHop Spinners Floating watches, ladies lupah watches, more mens lupah watches, spinners - spinner pendants bracelets and combos and more!
    • 4/11/2004 New Spinners Added and dog tags
    • 4/7/2004 Added New Spinners pendants and bracelets Wire Wheel and other styles
    • 3/21/2004 Added New pendants including 2 Tone Spinners, solid color face 5 timezone watch style combinations
    • 2/20/2004 50 New pendants and watches added
    • 2/6/2004 A Line of fully iced out dog tags added to new items/ updates section
    • 1/31/2004 Added More new pendants including Holy Bible & more
    • 12/25/2003 Added 7 New style larger Spinners in Spinners Line 2 Category
    • 12/21/2003 Added Bubble face Geneva watches. Added More Spinning Rim Pendants Bracelets AND Spinning Rim COMBOS Plus REAL STERLING SILVER SPINNING RIM PENDANTS
    • 12/18/2003 Added More Spinning Rim Pendants Bracelets AND Spinning Rim COMBOS
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