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The class A pendants are some of the highest quality replica hip hop jewelry on the planet. Don’t get it confused; this isn’t on the same quality level as the hip hop jewelry you see for half the price. These are well worth the extra bucks. They look and feel more real and they’ll have you turning heads all day. What’s even better is you can take the chain off your neck and show it off confidently. These even feel real. They are heavier because they are made with a higher quality alloy. The plating is thicker and the overall design is similar to solid white gold or platinum versions. They have fully closed and designed back plates, not just a blank opening. They are thick, not just a thin plate looking pendant. The stones are smaller and higher quality, and they are set closer together. Because all this extra labor went into studding those stones, you get a crazy shine that looks like a solid wall of glistening stones. You have to see them in person. Class A bling bling pendants are unlike anything else. NEW Flexible Pendant Options. Choose the hip hop pendant only or choose to add a chain, at a discounted price, to pair up with your bling bling piece.