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Custom Hip Hop Jewelry

Custom Hip Hop JewelryCustom hip hop jewelry is the highest demand bling bling jewelry on the market. All the hottest rappers and hip hop executives sport custom made pendants, crosses, bracelets and more. Custom jewelry is the ultimate expression of you, and itís also an expression of power and wealth for celebs. Custom jewelry is expensive due to the labor involved in making it. Thatís why even a custom name pendant can cost up to 5 times as much as a pre-made cross thatís the same size. The jeweler has to take the time to custom make that individual item. Thatís why, until now, only those who spent tons of cash were able to get their hands on custom bling. Now you can too!READ MORE»
Wait until you hit the club on a Saturday night rocking a custom made name pendant. We can make you a custom pendant in any name you want, in high quality rhodium finish. Our custom hip hop jewelry is completely iced out with gorgeous replica diamond stones that sparkle like the real deal. When you hit the scene with our custom bling, everyone will think you spent thousands on the iced out custom piece. Because custom hip hop jewelry is often times a one-off, you wonít see someone else wearing your same pendant and you wonít see it in a store or at a mall cart. Custom hip hop jewelry is yours and yours only. Thatís why itís worth every penny even if you did have to pay a lot. But with hip hop bling you get the best of both worlds. Custom hip hop jewelry at a low price. Stay tuned; we have more custom bling to add to this section in the future.