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Family Guy Jewelry

Family Guy JewelryAre you a fan of Stewie, Peter and the gang? Do you set aside your Sundays for the latest episode of Family Guy to hit your TV set? If thatís you, then youíll love our new collection of genuine, officially licensed family guy jewelry. Thatís right, now you can rock bling in the look of your favorite family guy characters. Yep, we even have the infamous evil monkey that lives in the closet! These are definitely going to become collectorís items in the future.READ MORE»
These are officially licensed and authorized by Fox. This means that the quality is much higher than fake counterfeited jewelry items. Family guy jewelry is made with hard alloy metal, which is durable and affordable. The items with stones are top quality diamond simulants that have been set by hand. Colored items are hand painted with top quality, bright enamel paint and finished with a glossy clear coat. Pendants will come with a free 36 inch matching chain.

This Family Guy merchandise makes great gifts. They come with the official family guy box. These are must have items for any fans of this hilarious TV show. Collect them all and show off your family guy bling the next time you get together with friends. Check out the full selection below. We have more new styles on the way so check back soon.