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Gold Hip Hop Bracelets

Gold Hip Hop BraceletsGold is making a big comeback in recent years. You see just about all hip hop celebrities and millionaires in general rocking nice gold blinged out bracelets. Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and power over the years, but now gold is so expensive it doesn’t even make sense to own solid gold jewelry anymore. If you want an iced out gold bracelet like the rappers, you’ll pay at least $5000. But with our replica iced out bracelets, you won’t pay anywhere near that.READ MORE»
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Our gold bracelets you see here are made just like the expensive ones. Our most popular are the multi row bracelets, which are top quality. You see them on all your favorite stars. We also have classic hip hop link unique bracelets that have complex, intricate links that only skilled jewelers can create. They are so unique chances are you won’t see anything like it anywhere else. All the stones are studded by hand to give you that blinged out big timer look. These crystals are top quality diamond simulants, not the cloudy fake looking stuff you see on cheaper bling.

The bracelets are all plated with 24k gold to give you that realistic shine and finish. All of the bracelets are glossy and shiny like what you’d expect from solid gold versions. Now you can rock a gold iced out bracelet like a high roller at a price you can truly afford.