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Gold Premium Hip Hop Pendants

Gold Premium Hip Hop PendantsGold jewelry has been a symbol of wealth and power for all men since the time we were ruled by kings and pharaohs. Yellow gold has a beauty and shine that no other metal can capture, thatís why itís been a smash hit among the modern rich and famous, including the hip hop stars. Yellow gold hip hop jewelry, studded with hundreds of diamonds, can cost thousands. Luckily for you, hip hop bling has a collection of premium gold pendants, which are some of the best replicas around. These pendants are thick and heavy, made with a base metal that has similar weight and feel of gold. The pendant is coated with a thick layer of genuine 24k gold, to give a rich finish thatíll last a very long time. The craftsmanship on these pendants is similar to what youíll see on genuine gold hip hop jewelry. The styles are intricate and detailed, and the stone count can reach the hundreds in some of these styles. If youíre looking for the ultimate in yellow gold bling bling, but donít want to spend thousands on the solid gold jewelry, get the same look and feel here for a fraction of the cost. Check out our article on Quality of Iced Out Pendants to read more about premium bling bling jewelry.READ MORE»
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NEW Flexible Pendant Options. Choose the hip hop pendant only or choose to add a chain, at a discounted price, to pair up with your bling bling piece.