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High Class CZ Iced Out Hip Hop Pendants

High Class CZ Iced Out Hip Hop PendantsHigh class pendants are the best quality hip hop bling pendants next to micropave silver. These high class pendants are different than what we normally carry. The solid brass core on these pendants gives the pendant more durability and shape, completing the look of a genuine diamond product. The stones themselves are top quality cubic zirconias, which have a shine and fire very similar to that of diamonds. In lesser quality diamond simulates, the stones are cloudy and the shine is not nearly as great as a diamond. These hand set stones are carefully set with some of the fanciest, labor intensive settings around. These stones will NEVER FALL OUT. Some of these beautiful hip hop pendants are channel set and some even have the look of a top end bling piece with invisible set. The pendants are finished with a coat of genuine rhodium, which is a rare and expensive metal that is used to coat white gold and platinum jewelry to give it a deep dark luster with protective benefits such as scratch and tarnish resistance. Take a look below at some of the best quality iced out pendants we’ve ever carried.
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