ICED OUT WATCHESIf youíve noticed the iced out watches that all the hip hop stars and celebs are sporting these days, itís hard not to get a bit envious. Whether itís MTV cribs or a music video, you constantly see these over the top, beautiful watches. You just know they paid tens of thousands of dollars for it, because thatís what rich people like to do. Now you can get that same look. Replica watches arenít like they were back in the day. With our watches, youíll get the same level of bling as many genuine diamond watches! Imagine yourself turning heads 24/7 at the clubs and the hottest spots.

Our watches look amazing, mainly due to the large amount of stones. The bezels, cases and dials are fully iced out on some models, and partially iced out on most. The amount of ice is up to you. One thing all our watches have in common is the fact that they are great quality timepieces in addition to just looking good. They are made with heavy alloy steel, use a mineral glass crystal on the front, and utilize a genuine Japanese quartz movement. To complete the look, some models feature a genuine leather band that looks and feels amazing. The entire look and feel of the watches in our collection is superb. The details are all there. Youíll feel like youíre rocking a watch thatís worth way more than what you paid.

Now you donít have to settle for a boring watch. We carry all the styles that are based off of what the celebs are sporting. Get that same look here and stay looking fly every time you step out of the house.
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