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ICP Hatchet Man Jewelry

ICP Hatchet Man JewelryJuggalos and lettes listen up! Hip hop bling has just released a line of genuine officially licensed ICP Jewelry! These are high quality items licensed by Psychopathic Records people. This isnít the fake stuff you see on the Internet, with the disproportioned hatchet man logo and the smudged up edges. That wack bling isnít down with the clown. These are on another level and we just got a new shipment in after completely selling out of the first batch in weeks. ICP Jewelry is hot. These pendants and belt buckles are made with a strong base metal and made with clean edges and precise details. They are plated with rhodium on platinum look versions and 24k gold on yellow gold versions. The enamel finish hatchet man charms and buckles look amazing. The stones on the iced out ICP jewelry are quality diamond simulants that add that bling and sparkle to your piece. Light up the club with our insane clown posse bling. Match it with the officially licensed ICP belt buckle too. It comes in various styles and designs.READ MORE»
Order your ICP Jewelry today. These will surely turn into collectorís items because everything is made in limited numbers. Once the production run is over, thatís it folks. Collect them all and show off your entire ICP jewelry collection.