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Lemonade Hip Hop Jewelry

Lemonade Hip Hop JewelryGold jewelry has always been a hot trend. However, in the past year gold has shot up the roof making it harder for people to afford stunning gold jewelry. Fortunately for all of us Hip Hop Bling has found an affordable solution to looking great in gold while keeping your pockets full. Hip Hop Bling has recently released their Lemonade line of jewelry. Lemonade jewelry is gold jewelry embedded with yellow canary stones giving the look of a lemon. It is a very hot style and is seen in many hip hop music videos. One of the celebrities that made this line especially hot is Gucci Mane in his music video Lemonade.READ MORE»
Each piece is made of high quality heavy alloy metal for durability and quality. Also, each eye blinding stone is hand placed with perfection in a micro pave pattern for a close and tight fit. By using that style we are able to fit as many stones as possible in the given amount of space, meaning it gives off a greater shine.