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Micro Pave CZ Iced Out Bracelets

Micro Pave CZ Iced Out BraceletsThis section contains the highest quality iced out bracelets on the market. This is in a completely different section because they are in a completely different league. It is no longer considered fashion jewelry, its on the same level as real jewelry because they are made the same way, just with different materials.READ MORE»
The micro pave bracelets here use real jewelry molds. So what you see and feel is the exact same as sterling silver or white gold versions. The base metal used in these iced out bracelets is brass, but the top is rhodium plated just like the real bracelets.

The most amazing thing about these bracelets is the micropave setting. This way of setting stones is very labor intensive thatís why you usually only see it on real diamond bracelets. The stones used are very small and they are set very close together. You get to witness a crazy shine because there is barely any metal between all the top grade cubic zirconia stones.

If youíre looking for a bracelet so nice and so well made that itíll even fool some jewelers, these are it. They are the best looking bracelets weíve ever carried and they truly look and feel real in every way.