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Hip Hop Pendant

Hip Hop Bling features a vast collection of the highest quality, best looking hip hop pendants available on the market. Our pendants are made from the molds of genuine fine jewelry and are crafted with care and precision. Our jewelers designed these pendants to make a big and bold statement. They are large and heavy like the pendants worn by hip hop artists and producers. Our pendants are plated with thick coats of genuine sterling silver or 24k gold to create the exact same look as solid silver and gold jewelry. The stones on our pendants are high quality diamond simulates that gives off a shine and reflection similar to that of genuine diamonds. All pendants come with a free 30 inch or 36 inch matching chain. Feel free to browse our different sections to see a variety of pendants and all of the latest styles. Be sure to read the guide on Hip Hop Pendant Quality
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