80s Hip Hop Fashion Coming Back in Full Swing

Hip hop is a truly unique and distinctive lifestyle that has transcended into mainstream popular culture. Among the various aspects of hip hop, is the noticeably unique and impactful fashion. Hip hop fashion is ever evolving with innovators pushing to boundaries further each and every year. In recent times, the flash back retro look is standard for those who want to pay homage to those who originated hip hop. Most of the hottest and trendiest accessories of the 80s urban scene is back in full effect with a modern twist.

During the 80s gazelle sunglasses were very popular, along with those brightly colored, non-purpose accessories known as shutter shades. With fashion pioneers and trendsetters like Kanye West constantly trying new things, the popularity of shutter shades is back in full force. Put on a pair of shutter shades and strap on the shell toes and you’ll have a nice 80s retro look. Those one of a kind addidas sneakers are commonly referred to as shell toes due to their large frontal design that included a giant rubber piece shaped like an upside-down shell. They were often decorated with oversized bright laces known as phat faces, or sometimes no laces at all.

In the world of hip hop fashion regardless of era, bright colors stole the show. Athletic gear was always in and continues to be in. Perhaps the bright colors and athletic themed clothing was a way to exude confidence and power or quite simply to show off. Nonetheless, being noticed is a trademark of hip hop fashion. No colors are too bright, no styles are too crazy and nothing is too big or flashy. Many of us remember the jumpsuits made popular by the likes of Run DMC. Those bright colored outfits with pinstripes going down the sides were one of the iconic fashion statements of the time.

Speaking of Run DMC, another very popular accessory in the 80s were gold dookie rope chains. Those giant hollow rope chains were more of a status symbol than anything else. The sizes kept getting larger and longer as jewelers were given the green light to out-do anyone, regardless of cost. Dookie rope chains have made a huge comeback as of late, but they are extremely expensive due to the rocket soaring price of gold and labor costs. Luckily, some exclusive retailers have provided excellent alternatives to solid gold dookie chains. A fashion statement, an accessory or even just a collector’s item, this item represents hip hop’s birth and early success and it is a must for any true hip hop fan.

Another popular trend that has made an astonishing comeback is the name belt. Though the popular look of the 80s has come back in a huge way, belt buckles have taken life of their own. Tons of styles are now readily available through exclusive hip hop accessory stores. They are made in various shapes and sizes with all the popular styles available. To add more 2000s bling to the look, the buckles are now highly decorated with crisp white and colored stones. If you want the plain, clean look of the 80s style name buckles, look no further than quality brushed steel initial belt buckles.

80s hip hop fashion is alive and well and the hip hop explosion onto the world scene will continue to write new chapters in its fashion list.