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Premium CZ Mens Rings

Premium CZ Mens RingsThe premium CZ rings are the highest quality replica iced out rings we carry. These are so good looking that theyíll fool just about all your friends. Even jewelers canít tell just by looking at them. This is because these rings are made just like real gold and diamond versions. Now you can get that high roller look that you see on all the big time ballers out there, but you donít have to spend big time money.READ MORE»
These rings are made with quality molds, very similar to what is used on real jewelry. The base metal is brass, which is the best metal for replica jewelry because it is a very hard metal and it doesnít break easily like cheaper alloys. The plating is thick 24k gold plating or pure rhodium plating on white metal versions. What you see and touch looks and feels very real.

The stones are the best part about these rings. They use genuine cubic zirconia stones, which are way better than common quality diamond simulants. CZs are so good that jewelers canít tell if they are diamonds just by looking at them. Another thing is the stones are actually set, they have prongs holding on to them. This is very important because the cheaper rings have glued in stones. No real jewelry maker would glue in stones so that is an easy giveaway that the ring is fake.

With these rings, you get to rock something that looks and feels very real, and is still very affordable. Order now!