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Skull Designs Are The Hottest In Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories

Skull designs are insanely hot in the area of high end fashion around the globe. The wide skull craze can be seen anywhere from the hood to Hollywood. All the biggest celebs like Lil Wayne, 50 cent, Jim Jones, and even Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan were seen rocking skull fashion. Big time high end designers like Alexander McQueen uses skulls in their scarf designs! Of course, skull designs are insanely popular in hip hop fashion as well. The designs in Ed Hardy, Ecko and many other urban designers are using skulls in their new gear. At hip hop bling, you can get the matching look with our skull jewelry and accessories. We got one of the largest selections of skull bling on the internet, and all are top quality too.

We have a huge selection of skull design pendants in many styles. We got iced out skull necklaces or cleaner looking polished versions too. We got skulls wearing grillz, and basically anything thatíll look nice around your neck. The skull pendants even come with a free chain to keep you looking fly when you hit the clubs. They look and feel very similar to the high end iced out skulls you see worn by the biggest hip hop stars. Imagine yourself rocking a skull pendant that looks like it cost thousands.

Weíre also known for having one of the largest selections of skull belt buckles on the planet. We have so many designs itíll take you a while to see them all. That means we have a skull buckle for everyoneís taste. We got them big, small, icy or plain. They are all very heavy and the stones sparkle like crazy. They all look exactly like what stars like Jim Jones wears, except you wonít be paying thousands for yours. Imagine your plain jeans and waist transformed with an iced out skull buckle! Youíll be getting stares the whole time next time you visit a nice restaurant or a club.

The skull design is also used widely in tattoo style fashion, like Ed Hardy. A bunch of their designs feature skulls and you see that in hip hop all the way to Hollywood. Fly Fresh, the hottest new designer of tattoo style gear has skull designs thatíll take your breath away. They are so detailed and the colors are so vibrant youíd think they would cost hundreds. But check out the Fly Fresh section for the unbelievable prices. Get that same high end designer look for much less, with a belt or belt buckle thatís the same quality if not better than those overpriced versions.
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