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Tattoo Style Hip Hop Fashion in Our Exclusive Fly Fresh Belts and Belt Buckles

The absolute hottest trend in high end hip hop fashion right now is the tattoo style designs. Youíve seen these designs on the clothing and accessories of expensive brand names such as Ed Hardy. The hottest celebs are seen rocking these crazy tattoo style shirts, pants, belts and buckles. These kinds of designs are extremely expensive because there is a lot of labor that goes into creating them. Now you can get the hot new look with the hottest new brand to hit the streets, Fly Fresh. Hip hop bling is the exclusive online distributor of this top quality brand. You canít get Fly Fresh anywhere else online. Youíll see them in stores costing up to twice as much as our prices. For genuine Fly Fresh tattoo accessories on the internet, make sure you get it from hip hop bling.

The tattoo style is exactly what it sounds like. The designs are extremely intricate and detailed, taking many hours to design. Think about how much it costs to get a real tattoo, hundreds for something of good quality. Fly Fresh products are designed by top notch artists and graphic designers from across the globe. Only Fly Fresh uses the nicest and most extravagant designs on their quality tattoo buckles. You see designs in their products that are just as nice, if not better than what you see with those mainstream brands. The mass-produced mainstream brands canít touch the quality and precision that Fly Fresh has to offer. You really have to see these hip hop apparel items for yourself. Your jeans and waistline will be getting stares!

The Fly Fresh line consists of tattoo belts and buckles currently. You donít want a shirt anyway, there are fake ones all over the place and they look horrible. The belts and tattoo belt buckles we carry are top quality. The belts come in a variety of designs that look completely different from one another. One thing they all have in common is that they all look extremely nice, with precise details, vibrant colors and sharp designs. The buckles are the same way, featuring a gorgeous glossy front finish that shows off the awesome colors and details. Itís not a cheap buckle by any means. The back plate is thick and heavy metal, coated with a sleek black finish. Compare Fly Fresh to the big name versions that cost hundreds and youíll see why this brand is growing fast in the tattoo style marketplace.

For all the latest tattoo belts, belt buckles and other apparel, keep an eye out here. Remember, hip hop bling is the exclusive online dealer for genuine Fly Fresh.
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