A tennis chain is a chain that contains small diamonds or gems connected by a thin, precious metal chain. As a piece of elegant jewelry, tennis chains are usually made of 14K or 18K gold, or platinum.

The name ‘tennis chain’ originates from the 1987 US Open when professional tennis player, Chris Evert, lost her diamond chain during a match. Evert asked the officials to pause the game to look for her chain—all while spectators and TV viewers watched the search. Since that day, the line diamond chain has been referred to as the tennis chain. Viewers and tennis players alike have been inspired to wear diamond chains themselves.

However, there are many other types of diamond chains that are available. Here is a list of the top trending diamond chains in the market.

hip hop tennis chain

1. Round Neck Diamond Chain:

During the olden times, diamonds chains were thought of as adornments for women only. With the advent of the sexual male, diamonds have staged a serious comeback in men’s fashion as well. These round neck diamond chains are made up with the pendant of round diamond stone. The classic diamond chain is suitable for everyday use.

2. Blue kyanite Diamond Chain:

There are many diamond chains designs available in the market. This simple, delicate diamond chain is perfect for casual wear or any special occasion. The wire of the chain is plated with silver and associated with a blue kyanite attractive pendant. Minimal small white diamond is used to add an extra glance to the pendant. The design is a flexible thin chain consists a single row matched individually set diamond that simply exudes class and gives the timeless glamor.

3. Diamond Embossed Circular Chain:

This beautiful diamond embossed chain contains the diamond stones of brown and white color, hooped with the single diamond plated chain. These chains are used for wedding and other functions and wearing this chain on your neck enhances your whole appearances. These round shaped diamonds are wire wrapped with the stones and give the stunning look for your neck.

4. Vintage Yellow Diamond Ruby Chain:

Vintage 50’s diamond chain is also a populous design amongst all ages of women. This elegant Italian gold with yellow diamond chain is dripping with the precious gemstones. This can be hanging on a flat gold chain which gives the special and a gorgeous view for the other while compared with other design

5. White Glass Diamond Chain:

Diamond chains feature single or multiple stones which are attached or set in the links of a chain which encircles the neck. Some of the Diamond chain designs are quite dainty with their pendant designs. This white glass diamond chain made up with white glass diamonds and hangings with a gold-plated chain and it gives the traditional glance.

6. Unique Diamond Pendant Chain:

Most men and women had the pleasure of seeing a genuine black diamond neck chain. The black diamond chains are rare. The unique diamond pendant chain decorated with diamond stones gets hanged with the thin diamond plated chain. Due to the clarity of diamond, pendant of this chain gives the looks of multi-color.

7. Fully Diamond Necklace:

The fully diamond necklace is made up with heavy pure diamond designs and it was heavy, diamond is set in rounded closures, features double links for the chain measures 12.5 in length has hook closure. It has the complex design with their texture and the necklace is suitable for any kind of outfit.

8. Fashionable Diamond Chain:

The fashionable diamond chain is designed with dark, broad pendant and wire wrapped with diamond thin chain gives an elegant and classy simple look. This can be masterfully handcrafted design diamond, whether you choose to wear this chain as a fashion gift or as the perfect diamond accompaniment on your wedding day, rest assured that this one-kind-of diamond chain is stunning.

9. Floating Cross Diamond Chain:

Countless of diamond chains are available for men. You can choose from a smooth round diamond or a stone with numerous facets. They are also available in light weighted. This floating cross diamond chain is separately used by Christians and they have the hope about this cross chain, while you wore this chain, Jesus will always help to solve your problems and worries.

10. Diamond with Gold Chain:

Diamond with gold links chain, is made with the gold plated beaded chain and the center of the chain white diamonds are placed. Simple and minimalist delicate gold with diamond chain highlights lovely natural diamond stones at the center of the chain. This can be light-weighted and classic. You can wear this necklace alone or a welcome and stunning addition to an eye-catching chain stack.


Tennis chains are jewelry pieces made with many small diamonds mounted in tiny metal settings and joined together. Here are some tips on how to evaluate the most important characteristics of a tennis chains when shopping for one.

Diamond for a Tennis Chains

Color. Generally, the whiter the diamonds in your chains, the higher quality their color is (unless the stones are fancy-color diamonds).

Clarity. When it comes to tennis chains, clarity is not as important as the color for a simple reason: The diamonds in these pieces are too small for most of their flaws to be visible with the naked eye unless you look from a very close distance.

Uniformity. Whatever the exact grade of your diamonds’ color, it is much more important that it be same for all stones. You don’t want a tennis chains that looks like a patchwork of randomly ordered white and yellowish diamonds.

The Structure of the Tennis Chains

Diamond settings: Check how the individual diamonds are mounted in the chain. Their settings should ensure that the stones won’t fall off easily and should offer some protection against hits. Settings in which each stone is held by four prongs are also a good choice.

Links: Look at the links of the tennis chain – they should be robust and not easy to break in case the chain is pulled hard.

Clasp: Test the clasp to make sure it closes safely and does not open easily. It should be solid and not easy to bend or break.

Flexibility: It is good for a tennis chain to be flexible because if it is too rigid, it could break easily whenever you twist it (which happens often when wearing such pieces).

To test the chain’s flexibility, dangle it, and see if it hangs straight in the air without kinking.

Choosing the Metal for the Chains

When deciding on metal for your tennis chain, you should keep in mind that there is a tradeoff between durability and price.

For example, yellow gold and silver are softer and will wear down faster. However, they are a good and affordable choice if you are not going to wear the chain every day.

More durable alternatives such as platinum are more expensive but will allow you to wear your tennis chain more often without being afraid that its parts will wear out quickly and break.

White gold is a good middle-ground choice as it is more durable than yellow gold but not as expensive as platinum.


When it comes to determining the quality of a tennis chain, you’ll want to consider the metal used, along with the quality and beauty of the diamonds.

Metal type and color—usually platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold—is chosen primarily based on personal preference and budget. Both 14K or 18K gold are durable enough for everyday wear, as is platinum. Review our guide to platinum and gold here for more detailed information, or learn about 14K gold here.

For the diamonds, you’ll want to look at them closely with the naked eye or high-resolution imagery. While the center diamonds of engagement rings should always be certified, the diamonds in tennis chains are too small to make the expense of grading the diamonds worthwhile. For example, if you were to certify 55 diamonds in a tennis chain, the certifications would cost almost five thousand dollars alone. Because there are no certifications for most tennis chain diamonds, it’s especially important to buy a tennis chain from a thoroughly vetted, reputable vendor like Blue Nile or James Allen. Much of what you are paying for in a tennis chain is craftsmanship and style.

In reviewing the diamonds, yourself, make sure they offer brilliance—meaning light reflects to the eye, creating sparkle. You’ll also want to ensure the diamonds look eye clean (meaning they don’t have any noticeable blemishes) and that the stones look white in relation to the setting. If you’d like assistance in evaluating the diamonds of a tennis chain, contact us and one of our experts will help you out.


Styles of tennis chains vary. While most designs contain one row or loop of diamonds, some chains have two or even three rows of stones. Most tennis chains utilize round cut diamonds, although some styles incorporate emerald cuts like this platinum tennis chain or princess cuts like this 18K white gold chain.

Settings are usually one of three varieties: prong, channel or bezel. Each style securely holds the diamond and offers a unique look. The chain design you choose should be based on personal preference.

Prong:Usually 3 or 4 prongs per diamond (both options are secure). The metal prongs hold the stone and allow light to pass through the diamond’s pavilion, like in this 14K white gold tennis chain.

Channel:Designed with two rows of thin metal to hold the stone on either side (with the stones in the middle). Diamonds fit closely together like in this 14K white gold tennis chain.

Bezel (or Half Bezel): Metal surrounds the stone, like a watch head. This milgrain tennis chain is an example of a bezel setting. In a half bezel, metal is connected to only two sides of the stone.


Tennis chains make for beautiful and meaningful gifts throughout the year. Because of their classic design and popular appeal, tennis chains are often passed down for generations as family heirlooms and keepsakes.

Consider a tennis chain for any of these special occasions:

  • Wedding anniversary (i.e. 5th, 10th, 15th, 25th)
  • Wedding day gift (for spouse, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthday
  • Graduation (high school, college, graduate school, medical school)
  • Birth of a child
  • Job promotion
  • Achievement of an exciting milestone
  • Retirement
  • Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other holidays


    In general, chain sizes don’t matter as much as ring sizes do, though you still want to get as close as you can. For a tennis chain bracelet, measure the person’s wrist with a flexible measuring tape will produce the most accurate size. You can also wrap a piece of yarn or ribbon around the wrist then measure the length with a standard ruler. No matter which measuring tool you use, add an inch or half an inch to your measurement to calculate chain size. For example, if the wrist measures 6 inches, consider a 6.5- or 7-inch chain. If you’re purchasing the tennis chain as a gift and don’t know wrist size, use 7-7.5 as a starting guide. 7-7.5 is the most popular chain size for women. If you think she has smaller or larger wrists than the average person, adjust up or down accordingly. Tennis chains are often easily adjusted by removing a link to shorten the chain.


    In addition to Chris Evert—the tennis player who helped give the chain its name and popularity—several other celebrities and famous people have showcased tennis chains throughout the years.

    Queen Elizabeth II owns a diamond quatrefoil chain that was passed down by her mother. Kate Middleton recently wore the special chain to a gala dinner.

    Penelope Cruz wore a 24-carat heart-shaped tennis chain in Rome for the premiere of the film “Nine.”

    Other celebrities known to wear tennis chains: Lady Antebellum, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lopez.


    To find a beautiful tennis chain that will match the style of your someone special, look through our collections of tennis chains. For assistance in reviewing diamonds and jewelry pieces, contact us who are always available to help and offer advice.

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