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    10K Gold Diamond Earrings

    For those ballers out there who just want the best of the best, here's our collection of genuine diamond earrings. That's right everyone, these are 100% genuine real diamonds set on Solid 10K gold. The difference with our earrings is that the price is way lower than jewelry stores. Jewelry stores usually sell 14k or 18k gold, which is much more expensive than 10k but pretty much looks the same on earrings. Jewelry stores have rent, sales people and all these fancy displays that cost thousands of dollars. Guess who pays for that stuff. YOU! We sell the same high quality jewelry in 10k gold and near wholesale level prices because we don't have to waste money on those things. These earrings are absolutely stunning. The pictures can't capture their true beauty. The stones are micropave set, meaning many small stones are set closely together making an appearance of a wall of glistening ice. The metal is much nicer and shinier in person. Start turning heads at a club or just hanging out at a friends house. These genuine diamond earrings will set you apart from everyone wearing cubic zirconia stuff and other fake bling. Ballers only, please browse our selection below for hand made, top of the line genuine diamond mens earrings.