2020 is creepin on up and with the holiday season you start to think about the who's that are important to you. Turns out, 21 Savage has been in a reflective mood and those thoughts have crossed his mind as well. 

Taking to social last night, Savage made it clear that only the Real Ones would be allowed to stay in his inner circle, and stay close to him. 

"2020. '19 almost over with," he said on Instagram, "F*ck n*ggas who come around fake kickin' it. Come around me to gossip and talk sh*t about n*ggas then go hang with n*ggas. Stay the f*ck from around me. All you grown-ass men who feel like it's my responsibility to make you rich: stay the f*ck from around me. All you n*ggas who jealous and envious and be around hanging and talkin' bad behind a n*gga back: stay the f*ck from around me."

Savage is thinking big, expanding his horizons and making his way forward to a new dawn - anyone that can't keep up or keeps holding him up will be left behind. 

"I'm on some whole other sh*t," he added. "I'm tryin' to run this sh*t up, make this sh*t an empire. Whoever wanna be involved, y'all can be involved. But all that other sh*t, I ain't f*ckin' with that sh*t. Stay the f*ck from around me. Keep your b*tch ass somewhere else."

November 21, 2019 — Admin Account

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