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6ix9ine Trolls Lil Reese With "Help Reese Buy A Car" GoFundMe

May 17, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

6ix9ine never shys away from trolling, and this time, his target is Lil Reese. 

Following the shooting in Chicago, where Lil Reese was grazed in the eye by a bullet, 6ix9ine poked a little fun at Reese sayin, 6ix9ine posted "Lil Tim out here wildin," and "How he got shot before Quando."

Now, 6ix9ine has only gone further, launching a GoFundME to "help Reese buy a car." The rapper posted a screenshot of the page on his Instagram which showed the title “HELP REESE BUY A CAR” with a goal of $2,000.