When you think of a cypher I bet the name Andy milonakis doesn't come to mind!! A$AP Rocky and Andy Milonakis just linked up for one In New York City!!

So first off let's define the word Cypher A cypher is a gathering of rappers, beatboxers, and/or breakers in a circle, extemporaneously making music together.The circle can go on continuously, as long as emcees, beatboxers, dancers, and the crowd keep the fluidity of the cypher going. That's exactly what the two did they went back and forth and what is going to be noted as an amazing cypher record books. A$AP ROCKY'S fans have been feigning for new music and with the ad of Andy milonakis they got just what they were looking for this is truly a spectacular Duo to watch this definitely did not disappoint.

November 05, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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