Rumors are swirling in the Hip Hop Community regarding Saweetie and Quavo. After their ugly split not 5 months ago, the rumors are going around that they are quietly spending some time together. The rumors come on the heels of a report by Media Take Out (so take it with a major grain of salt) that Quavo purchased a New York City condo and registered it in Saweetie's name. True? Could be. If it is, this is a pretty likely sign. 

Moreover, we are also hearing from DJ Akademiks and Hollywood Life, claiming that the former couple has been spending time together recently. Over the weekend, both stars performed at Summer Jam. Could it be they rekindled the flame there?

Either way, fans are left stunned and confused, wondering as to how or why Saweetie would take back Quavo after she publicized her cheating accusations, and especially after a video showed them getting into a scuffle in an elevator. Moreover, there was drama involving her icy blue Bentley, which Quavo had repo'ed. On the other side of the aisle, Quavo's fans  seemingly understand why he would take her back, but they're also upset after everything that transpired earlier this year.

What do yall think the deal is?

August 24, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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