By now you have probably heard of or seen the memes of Bhad Bhabie from her Dr. Phil days. Danielle Bregoli, otherwise known by her catch phrase 'Cash Me Outside. How Bow Dah?" is haunted by the memes from her earlier years when she was 13, untamable, and ran the streets with her friends and fought with her mother. Her catchphrase was quick to be adopted by social media and soon, Bregoli was the face of worldwide memes.

With the teen quickly approaching her 18th birthday, she decided to revisit her infamous moment. Quote - "My problem with the meme was always that people only got to see half the story," said the rapper. "For years I didn't even want to talk about it. People would say it and I would just be like, okay yeah, whatever." She also noted that the popularity of the memes roswe when she was at Turn-About Ranch, the rehabilitation facility she was sent to after her Dr. Phil appearance.

"I was gone in a program for six months in the middle of nowhere. I had no phone, no internet, no none of that. I didn't see this 'til I got home. I turned on my phone and I seen my face everywhere." She then explained what she meant by "cash me outside," and after reliving the catchphrase, she had to laugh at herself. "I haven't said that in a while."

Its obvious that Bhad Bhabie, aka Bregoli, has matured since her "cash me outside days" and wants to be known for the person that she has become and who she is now, not for the mistakes of her youth. 


March 23, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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