Billie Eilish quickly became a household name, rising to stardom very quickly and at a young age. And by the end of the month, plans are for her to launch her brand new album that her fans have been clamoring for.

While she has dropped a plethora of singles to help promote this project, fans are ready for the entire release. She's also soon to launch her next project - a collab with Jordan Brand, which will see her work on the Air Jordan 1 KO and Air Jordan 15. 

There have been various teasers over the Jordan 1 KO of this shoe over the last couple of months, and now, some fresh new images are popping up on instagram from user Chris Cologan. Check them out for yourself. The shoes are suppose to drop September 9th, and in true fashion, the look coincides with Eilish's style. 

July 21, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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