Recently a shooting took place in the parking lot of Bit T's in Dallas Texas where Boosie Badazz's sprinter van was reportedly located. Different accounts are coming to different conclusions - some are saying Boosie's van was the specific target of the attack, while others swear that he was just in the area. 

Thusfar there hasn't been a confirmation one way or another from Boosie's Team - No Jumper and Dirty Glove Bastard have claimed that Boosie was struck in the leg, however Boosie shared a commemoration of his birthday on Instagram, without any mention of the shooting. 

It is actually Boosie's birthday as well. Boosie was in Dallas for both his 38th birthday, and a candle lit vigil for his friend and collaborator MO3, whom was recently shot and killed. There's currently an ongoing investigation, but not much has yet been found.
November 23, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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