Cardi B kicked off her birthday with a bang even beyond the massive diamond Offset dropped on her. While both stars shared videos of the massive rock Offset gifted her, the night was about to get even more wild- thanks to none other than Cardi B. What a surprise. 

After the actual birthday celebrations, Cardi B celebrated hard with her husband - shots were had. After a weekend on jet skis, hitting the waves and times on the beach Cardi and her cadre hit the liquor pretty hard. In a surprise, she got Offset, normally alcohol free, to take shot after shot. He's seen struggling to down them and chasers.

Cardi begins to shake her ass and Offset begins to rap along to his "What It Is" off of Control The Streets Vol. 2. Check the gram posts above and below, and if you like this kind of content be sure to shout out in the comments. 

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Ride the Dick

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