Tekashi has been lashing out against practically everyone since his release from prison, the madlad has been beefing with some of raps finest without  care whom he crosses. Recently he even spoke out against Snoop Dogg after Snoop called him out for snitching. Thing is, Tekashi claimed Snoop was a snitch was well which the majority of Hip Hop heads are denying. 

Out of nowhere comes Celina Powell, who claims to have had sexual relations with both Snoop and Tekashi, as well as video proof. Thot patrol is going strong, and recently she posted to the Gram that Snoop was metaphorically trying to slide into her DM's - 

"@snoopdogg I’m not interested in teaming up with you against @6ix9ine, stop calling me askin why I’m egging him on ... And showing me your dog @juelzbroadus so I don’t screenshot you, was a rookie mistake.. you know I stay with two phones 😈 #TEAM6IX9INE"

TheShadeRoom decided to reblog the post, and both Snoop and Tekashi responded. "This y’all uncle?" said Tekashi, while Snoop responded "This n**** reaching 🐀 of a feather hang together not working."

May 18, 2020 — Admin Account

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