Conor McGregor is most certainly a house-hold name in the UFC arena. Recently, he suffered a gruesome injury that involved his ankle snapping after getting leg checked on multiple occasions. McGregor had surgery on his leg, and now, he is in the midst of a strenuous rehab that is instrumental in his recovery. It's not going to be an easy road back, however, with some determination and a boatload of effort, McGregor could very well find himself back at the top of the UFC tier list.

What is more surprising is he is already back in the gym hitting the weights. He took to Instagram with a slideshow of photos from his recent session in the gym. Despite having to move around in a wheelchair with a cast on his leg, McGregor is persevering and he seems ready to take on another fight. However, not before his leg heals of course. Check the images for yourself. 

July 30, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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