Yesterday was a somber day for DaBaby, and as the world looks forward to the results of the US elections, DaBaby is dealing with something more personal - the death of his brother. It was reported yesterday that Glen Johnson, the rapper's older brother, took his own life. TMZ reported that prior Johnson had uploaded a video with him acting despondently, in a running vehicle with a firearm. 

Shortly thereafter, he died to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. 

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Words of encouragement, love and condolences have poured in for DaBaby and his family. Losing family even if you're not close still hurts. While DaBaby was out in the community urging people to vote, he then shifted to sharing his grief with his own song lyrics. 

"My brother be thinkin' that we don't love him and let him struggle like we ain't family," DaBaby raps on his Kirk track "INTRO." "Like I won't give up all I got to see you happy, n*gga."

"I would've gave up all I had to see you happy n*gga," DaBaby added in the caption with a black heart emoji. 

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November 04, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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