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Breakups are never fun, but at is turns out, DaniLeigh isn't letting it get her down. In the wake of her breakup with DaBaby, DaniLeigh has given fans some new thirst-trap content, in case they want some "new wallpaper' for their digital devices. 

These photos come in the aftermath of a headline-making relationship with DaBaby. DaniLeigh is now 'officially' single again, after announcing the breakup on social media. Throughout their time together as a couple, DaniLeigh and DaBaby hardly could stay out of the headlines (and for the worst reasons), sparking controversy after controversy until they finally realized that might not have been the best matches for one another. While their relationship only lasted a couple of months, the two seem to have gone their separate ways to focus on their own lives. 

In DaniLeigh's lastest thirst trap, she quotes, "Jus in case u need a new wallpaper" and it seems she isn't letting the breakup get her down. 

Photo Credit: Justin Higuchi, Wikimedia Commons

February 08, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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