Dr. Dre and Rick Ross over time have had an interesting history - as former collaborators on "3 Kings," the two hip hop giants have reconnected over their shared love of basketball. 

With the NBA Finals in full swing, the Lakers and Miami Heat went head to head and so too did Dre and Rozay in a playful manner. The heavyweights squared off and some playful trolling commenced between the giants - especially after Ross's early claim that the Heat would take it all in 5 games. 

While the Heat were able to make a very respectable comeback push, AD and Lebron ended up securing the Laker's victory at 106-93. The good Dr. and Ross seem to have watched the game together, with Dre gloating a bit saying "Ay," to the Lakers win. "Lakers baby, that's what it is. The Lake show baby!"

Top Dawg slid on in, placing the final nail in the coffin - "It's over, done deal," he said. Rozay could do nothing but shake his head, but stood strong “It’s still Heat gang,” he pledged. “Let’s hold our head high, next season we gon’ shine.” 

While Dre and Ross have a friendly sports rivalry, their shared passion of the game and entrepreneurship may be paying dividends in the near future. A potential development regarding Belaire and the two giants may be in the works...stay tuned.  

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October 12, 2020 — Peter Tosto

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