Drake and Benny The Butcher are set to drop a new track as soon as possible and are gearing up to record. Back in 2019 Drake spoke pretty highly of the Griselda movement while sitting down with Rap Radar - 

"In a mainstream space I feel like the art of bars and that traditional long verse is kind of going extinct," he reflected, relaxing with Elliot Wilson and B. Dot Miller. "Then you got guys like Griselda making it wavy again to be on your gutter, straight rap shit. The interesting structures -- that gutter shit.

During the interview Miller asked Drake if he'd entertain laying down some bars with Benny to which he responded "I'm down. Benny showed me love one time in an interview. He did show me love."

Though Benny the Butcher and the Griselda crew is used to high profile co-signs at this point with J.Cole, Eminem, Ghostface, Jay Z, Raekwon and others, many were stoked to hear Drake expressing love to the bar-centric crowd. 

As fate would have it, the collab is a go. Benny stepped up and slipped an instrumental to someone in Drake's camp. Stoking the flames on social, Benny hinted that he  "Sent Drake a record and I kno imma wanna drop it as soon as he send it back." To build the hype, Drake slid into the comments with a simple typewriter emoji, suggesting he was writing as they spoke. 

This collaboration with Benny may be the biggest challenge Drake has faced in a min - while no slouch, many would say he doesn't hit the same bars that Benny drops every day, but time will tell when the track invariably drops. Drake has been known to spit at an elite level...but can he still? Details are nonexistent, just hold on and wait up for more news fam. 

February 21, 2020 — Admin Account

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