Drake's recent submission of "Omerta" has thrown the internet into a storm, and is especially compelling for many. Social media is ablaze on Twitter and the Gram claiming Drake was taking aim at Pusha T in the first half of the song's first massive verse. 

"A lot of pain, a lot of passion
A lot of relaxin' while other niggas is overreactin'
That's how we continue down the path of Jordan and Jackson
That's some insight for y'all even if no one's askin'
Last year, n****s really feel like they rode on me
Last year, n****s got hot 'cause they told on me
I'm 'bout to call the bluff of anybody that fold on me
I'm buyin' the buildin' of every door that closed on me." - Drake on "Omerta"

Fans are doubling down on the belief that Drake is calling out Pusha after the latter called out Drake's love child with French model Sophie Brussaux. If Drake is still calling out Pusha, the pain was real and it just gives that much more credence to the news. 


June 14, 2019 — Admin Account

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