Drake has collected a variety of pieces throughout time, but his latest addition to the watch collection swaps out the traditional hands with a fully functioning miniature roulette wheel. 

Created by Jacob & Co. the Astronomia Casino watch is a little different from normal flexes. Normally rappers compare their watches to real estate but Drake has shown time in and out that his flex is just a little bit different. 

Now Drake popped off showing off a few photos of him at Jacob & Co. HQ which nobody really understood until now. GQ with the quick eyes noted the rapper was wearing the Astronomia Casino piece. 

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Heavy agenda.

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After he posted up we should have honestly known he was about to pop off - Jacob & Co. are the minds behind watches that play The Godfather theme song and others that show mock solar systems. Drake's watch contains a "double-axis tourbillon, a magnesium lacquered globe and time display, all rotating around the dial in 10 minutes" and "underneath is the working roulette table with ceramic ball, while on top is the 1ct 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond, which turns on itself in 30 seconds."

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