While it was expected there would be a massive turnout at Mom's Spaghetti, no one thought Eminem would be there to make an appearance, much less serve some of the first patrons. The rapper has recently opened the restaurant within Union Assembly in Detroit and while people were already excited for the "Lose Yourself" referenced eatery to open, they went wild to see Em face-to-face.

Reported by The Detroit Free Press, fans were lined up for blocks ahead of the restaurant's opening, with many even camping out from the early morning hours in anticipation. When the walk-up window slid open, the first guests were treated to a surprise as Eminem was the person making their orders. Mom's Spaghetti has a predictable vegan-friendly menu with very few options, but still, it is a hit. The first 10 people in line were able to meet Em and take photos with him before he treated them to a free meal.

"The opportunity to build a permanent location based on an incredibly meta-reference was one that everyone at Union Joints, as a Metro Detroit restaurant group, took very seriously," Union Joints Restaurant Group co-owner Curt Catallo said in a press release. "We’re proud of the fact that we created a scratch sauce that tastes like it’s straight from the jar, and wok-firing the noodles gives it that leftover pasta snap."

October 11, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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