Floyd Mayweather will forever be himself, and as perhaps the richest athlete in the world, many would say he's earned that right. Mayweather is undefeated, and throughout his career he's earned himself a net worth what many estimate to be around $560 Million or up to $700 Million- let that sink in for a minute, that only falls short of the top 3 earning rappers of all time. 

For his time in the game Mayweather loves to flex; from cars and jewelry to clothes, homes and most recently the strip club. When you're as rich as him, you can make it rain a little differently. Most make it rain 1's - Floyd makes it rain $100 bills y'all. Wild. 

Suffice to say, any strippers at the club that night went home considerably richer than they were the day before. With news of Mayweather coming out of retirement, the opportunity for him to make several hundred million more are already on the table - hopefully we'll be able to see him get back in the ring soon.
December 04, 2019 — Admin Account

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