Future is coming under fire yet again after drama has surfaced involving Brittni Mealy. Brittni popped up on her gram via a story with the messages and she was so upset she didn't even censor her ex's phone number, to which fans are already having loads of fun with that. 

The text thread in question begins with what appears to be Prince sending a crying emoji to future, to which the rapper responds, "Tell your mom." The child responds, "Tell my mom what" and Future replies, "Buy u some clothes." After Prince writes "Dad," the rapper looks to reply, "Your mom is a hoe!" Fans aren't convinced that it was truly Future behind the messages.

Brittni also shared another screenshot of the name-calling text, adding "Child Abuse" to another slide on her Story. Fans were quick to point out that she deleted the post that showed the phone number and changed the name to "Dad1." Future hasn't addressed this controversy, but this isn't the first time these two have gone at it. 

Nearly a year ago back in December 2020 at their son's birthday party, Brittni accused Future of saying "f*ck him" when speaking about their son. She went on a rant about her ex but later, praised his parenting. All in all it seems like a lot of back and forth drama. Check out the latest from these two below to see for yourself. 

August 10, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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