Gucci Mane has been a bit more wild in the past few weeks, and since his prison release he's making it a habit to hop on the gram and wish ill on his haters still out there - a recent example being a coronavirus related death. 

It's almost impossible to think about Gucci Mane without thinking about Jeezy- word is after their falling out Jeezy kept sending people to snatch Gucci's chain. Of course this led to a shootout, a death and a shook Gucci for a period, but it appears like he's gotten over that hump. 

Posting a recent meme to the gram, Gucci's been out there laughin it up over the past - "This was Gucci Mane when Jeezy sent those dudes to take his chain,"

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😂 but fa real tho 😂

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April 20, 2020 — Admin Account

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