During The Angie Martinez Show, it Hitmaka turned it into nearly a matchmaking event when he begins to talk about his dating life. The rapper-turned-producer has had his fair share of relationship moments play out for a global audience. The first example is that on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood all those years ago. These days, Hitmaka insists he's a changed man, and while chatting with Angie, they got into why he has yet to settle down.

"Say anybody, right, Saweetie, anybody right now, woman that's in the business," he said. "If she just meets a guy that's not on her level or something like that, she might be in her mind thinking like, 'Well, maybe he wants me 'cause I'm successful, I'm in the limelight, blah blah blah.' It's hard to trust on both sides of the field."

Angie then continued to stir the pot, pushing Hitmaka why he hasn't tried to shoot his shot with the "Best Friends" hitmaker. 

"That would be fire," Hitmaka responded. Both he and Angie couldn't help but laugh. The producer added, "Hey, Saweetie... Me and Saweetie could see eye-to-eye. I like that. That's a good vibe. That's a good one."


October 15, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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