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    Stainless Steel Chains

    These stainless steel chains are extremely nice and solid feeling. You'll look like a hip hop boss with one of these fly chains around your neck at a high end club. These designs are so intricate and unique because the metal is very tough and durable. You can't make the same designs with plated bling because the metal is too soft, causing rough edges that look smudged up and cheap. Stainless Steel lets our jewelers achieve true precision and crazy details on these necklaces, and that's why companies like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling use it to make their top-end watches. Stainless steel jewelry doesn't corrode or fade like plated bling and it doesn't tarnish and turn black like real sterling silver jewelry. This is the best solution out there if you want that platinum look at a low cost. They cost a bit more than the plated stuff but lasts much longer. It's lower price than sterling silver but looks better, lasts longer, and feels nicer.
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