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In Light of Remarks - DaBaby Jokes About Being Canceled: "Switching To R&B"

August 16, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

DaBaby has been in the headlines alot recently due to his ludicrous remarks regarding the LGBTQI+ community this summer during the Rolling Loud Miami performance (and even his doubling down on his comments). It seems however, DaBaby is in good spirits. This is inspite of the fact that numerous festivals have dropped him from the lineup. 

Because of him being canceled at several festivals, which impacted his 'bag' he has since shared a formal written apology, which has since been deleted from social media, according to 50 cent. Now, a video has surfaced about him joking about being canceled and switching genres after being edged out of rap. 

In the clip that was shared,DaBaby is seen holding his daughter as they sing a part of J. Cole's 2013 hit "Power Trip" featuring Miguel. "They done canceled yo daddy twin," the rapper wrote over the video. "I'm switching to R&B, **** a rap [crying laughing emojis][microphone emoji]."