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Joie Chavis Claps Back On Social Media After Being Called a Gold Digger Neither Bow Wow Nor Future Give Her Child Support

April 16, 2021 1 min read 0 Comments

Joie Chavis, who has children with both Bow Wow and Future, is use to facing critics on social media. Joie Chavis has a daughter, Shai, with Bow Wow and a son, Hendrix, with Future, and she's previously spoken about receiving the "gold digger" title because of their fame.

Chavis has repeatedly denied that her relationships with either celebrity had anything to do with money, but the public is relentless. Chavis often hosts Q&As on her Youtube Channel and most recently she took questions from her Instagram followers and answered them on camera. One person didn't have a question but wrote, "You're a gold digger." Chavis quickly stated, "I feel like a lot of people say that."

"And I'm not. I'm not a gold digger," she added. "I don't—if that's the case, I'd be dating everybody that tries to talk to me with money. I don't, and I'm not a gold digger. I've worked since I was fifteen, like, I take care of my kids. I don't get any child support." 

"I don't need to ask for anything for certain things my kids because I can do everything myself. If their father wants to do things for them and then they do that on their own time if they want to [say], hey, here's some money for this or that, or you know whatever. But I don't really ask for anything. I'm able to do everything on my own."

"So, just wanted to make sure that I said that." Check out her Q&A session below.